Winter Blooms for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

My Christmas Cacti gave me the gifts of blooms at Christmas, and they are still going at it! This ‘Big Mama’ was given to me some thirty-three years ago by our own Big Mama’s mother, Granny. Yes, I have somehow–surely by Divine intervention at times–kept this plant alive all those years. Me, who tends to neglect plants, inside and out.



This is a daughter of the Big Mama above, perhaps fifteen years old.

And here we have a very darling bloom. Do you know, my first instinct when her little hand reached for the flower was, “Oh, honey, let’s not pick it.” Instantly I came to my senses. “Oh, yes, enjoy! More will grow.” What fun she had waving the bloom like a flag, and what fun I had watching.

When we enjoy what is given today, we make way for more to come tomorrow. It’s a way of gratitude, I think. That goes for blooms and fruit and ideas and every other thing we have and enjoy in our lives.

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Blessings,  CurtissAnn

9 thoughts on “Winter Blooms for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

  1. I am very impressed with your Christmas Cactus. I have 3 small plants. One I got from a cutting from my aunt and was surprised when it bloomed with white blooms. Then I rescued a near dead one from my mothers room right before she passed away last year and it was so thankful to me for rescuing it it bloomed these magnificent bi-color flowers with white on the inside and fringed with brilliant fuschia color. When it bloomed it was like my mother was saying hello to me. Thanks for letting me see your plant.

    Teresa in Corbett, Oregon


    • I have never in my life seen a bi-color cactus. How very cool! I nod in understanding at your story. I still recall when my husband’s grandmother dug the cactus out of her yard and gave it to me. And this year when these two bloomed, it was as if my mother-in-law was waving at me. I’m so happy to hear your cactus gave you comfort, too. CA


  2. The Christmas Cactus is lovely but it pales in comparison to your granddaughter’s sweet face. May it be one of many beautiful blooms in her life! Thanks for stopping by my corner of Katy!


  3. I am so jealous….but in the NICEST of ways! 🙂 Your Christmas cacti are wonderful…and even more so because they have great family memories connected to them!

    I have one iddy biddy Christmas cactus a friend gave me about 6 years ago. This year it put out ONE bloom, but it was a beauty. Sadly, the photos I took of it were very blurry. I did tell that plant, as often as I could, how much I was loving that bloom!

    I can tell yours is HUGE by the photo you took of your princess holding it!

    Love your last paragraph, Curtiss Ann…..those are great and such “on the mark” words.

    Have a peaceful Sunday. L, Dana


  4. So faithful with their Christmas gift. There must be something about this plant. My mother had one which just bloomed in profusion every year. After she passed away I would go back to her flat in England putting the cactus out in the hallways when I left. When I was there in December it would be in full bloom. Last year when I rented out the flat I gave the cactus to a friend who sent me a photo of the bloom this year. I brought a leaf home and this Christmas it made 2 flowers. I don’t think I have 30 years to care for it but I do have this sentimental attachment to the plant.


  5. Hi,

    Christmas Cacti always remind me of my childhood as my mother always had a couple around the house and they really seem to have made a come back in recent years as I’ve seen them in garden centres and have been tempted to buy one for old-times sake. But like you, I do tend to neglect plants, especially indoor plants so I think perhaps it’s best to enjoy photos in other’s blogs!


  6. That is very impressive to have kept your Christmas cactus alive for 30 years. I think I’ve kept mine going for a mere 20 years. And I love the sentiment at the end about giving – so true. A giving hand is an open hand, ready to receive something else. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!


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