Remember the Good Days

I have just enjoyed three good writing days in a row!  I sat down easily, and with anticipation. During the two weeks I’d been away on Christmas holiday, my mind had been busy. Maybe it was that tea was just right, or that I’d had a good night’s sleep. Whatever, my focus was sharp, I had few interruptions and did not interrupt myself. I saw my characters clearly and was totally absorbed in the process. Each day I turned out new pages and my thoughts came alive, and when I got up from the keyboard, thoughts continued, the imagination was engaged and happy. I had succeeded! I was walking in tall cotton, that’s what.

You get one piece of fine dark chocolate. You remember the taste on your tongue. You want another.

When you know what something feels like inside, you can get back there. When hard days of writing come, and they always will down here on earth, remember the good days. You can say to yourself: “I know I have something to say, and I know how to say it, because I’ve done it before. And it is possible to really enjoy the process. I’ve done it before. I’ve done it and I can do it again.” Remember the good days to fuel you when you need it.


3 thoughts on “Remember the Good Days

  1. You’re the best….thanks for sharing this. I know I can apply this same attitude to a couple of areas in my life!

    Have a super duper weekend!!

    L, Dana


  2. ok…I am going to remember this post…tomorrow! I have not been able to jump back in after christmas holiday…the passion feels diluted, hopefully temporarily!! Thanks for sharing!! (jink willis)


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