Milestones — and book giveaway

No. 8 in the beloved Valentine Series

I have, at last, compiled a list of all my titles. You can see the list by clicking on the Books List tab above. There is also a list of little known trivia about the books.

It turns out that Little Town, Great Big Life is a milestone–it is the eighth and final book of the Valentine Series, as well as my thirtieth book for Harlequin/Mira Books. It has received wonderful reviews and very nice comments from readers.

Readers should hold on to their hearts; losing them to these unforgettable characters is a real possibility.
–Publisher’s Weekly

“I just finished the last book  Little Town, and the whole series was wonderful and very heartwarming. I truly enjoyed them all.  Am sorry to know they are at an end but do hope you are going to have a new series out soon. You give all of us who read your books a lot of entertainment and also make us stop and smell the roses in our busy lives.” –R. D.

In digging around and making an accurate list, some funny and warm memories came to me. Quite a few memories are of the numerous times I felt I could not get the words right, was convinced that I could not finish the book, and that I had failed miserably, only to have things turn out wonderfully down the road.

One such memory is when the publisher turned down my third book proposal. Oh, I was so cool and collected on the phone with the editor, but when I got off the phone, I went clean haywireflooey. I threw myself down, sobbing and crying to God. The really funny thing is that the very next day my agent telephoned. Her voice full of wonder, she said, “I’ve never had this happen before. The editor wants your proposal back. They have reconsidered and want the book after all.” I received an offer of a three book contract and was fully on my way.

I learned a couple of important things from this experience. We never really know what is up ahead. We think we do, but we do not. Also, remain as graceful as possible when with another person, and then be honest and go ahead and have a hissy fit with God. He can take it.

It is important, too, to celebrate your accomplishments as you go along. It is the memory of your accomplishments that will see you through when you have the difficult times. After I had given way to my bit hissy fit, I remembered that I had published two books already. I got up, went to the keyboard, and continued to write on the book that had been turned down. It was eventually published as Lindsey’s Rainbow. It was a book that gave many readers a respite from the world but did not make any best seller list. It was a great accomplishment for me in that it helped me to continue writing.

In celebration of Little Town, Great Big Life being my thirtieth Harlequin/Mira title, I am giving away a copy of the first book that began the Valentine Series, Lost Highways. Just leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday.



8 thoughts on “Milestones — and book giveaway

  1. CurtissAnn,
    I loved your term hissy fit,it brought back such good memories for me.I can still hear my Mom saying Kathy Lynn stop throwing a hissy fit,it doesn’t work on me,only your Daddy!!
    I have a question about your book Last Chance Cafe.Was there a movie made from this book?I remember watching one by that name.
    Lost Highways was the first book of yours I read, and I was hooked.I’m a newcomer to your books and can’t wait to read all of them.


    • Kathy: “only your daddy.” Oh, how cute!

      No, unfortunately, my ‘Last Chance Cafe’ was not made into a movie. Even if I do think it would be great. 🙂 ‘The Loves of Ruby Dee’ had an option for a movie many years ago, but it has not made it, yet!



  2. CurtissAnn, thanks for the list! (On an obsessive/compulsive note, I wouldn’t mind seeing the years alongside the titles….)

    Thanks also for making your harder-to-find Avon titles readily available. Do you do much reading in the e-format? I keep eying the latest e-readers with a mixture of fascination and dread. They’re an amazing and tempting toy, but I love traditional books so much.


    • Sierra– I have now an iPad, and I adore it! But I have not bought yet one book to read on it. I do appreciate that I have gotten free very old titles. And one app of some dozen of out of print spiritual teaching. I also got the Bible on it, with about a dozen version at a touch! I am also enjoying apps for my preschool grandson that teach with games.

      The most I have ventured with newer books is to download sample chapters. That way I can read and see if I want to buy the real paper book. I was attempting to read one of these samples and was surprised to find my eyes tire. Perhaps it is my eyes, but for any lengthy reading, I must have a proper book. What I find happening with me is I browse online then buy. The iPad is simply one more reading tool.



  3. Oh, you know “Lost Highways” is still my favorite book of yours (though I haven’t read ‘Little Town, Great Big Life ” yet, so we’ll see how it holds up. ) Whenever I drive down a lonely highway I always think of Rainey finding Harry on the side of the road. My copy is a little worn and I would love a new copy!


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