Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day of hot August 2010

I’m grateful to Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings, for her post, reminding me of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. This meme is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Garden, who reminds us that August is the long hot month that separates real gardeners from the wanna-be variety. I am definitely in the wanna-be category, for both gardening and blogging. Or maybe I could use the term of non-intervention, letting nature take its course, while I observe and learn from the shade of the porch, cold tea in hand.

Still, I’m excited to join in with the posting. I grabbed my camera and ran outside, yes, still in pajamas. Here are my offerings:

Not really a bloom but worthy of note~

Remember the Christmas Cactus I left out in the cold last winter? Well, it returned from the dead and has grown all summer.

Our banana trees beginning to bloom. Magnificent!

Being the wanna-be gardener that I am, my dear grandmother's rose bushes are getting surrounded by weeds. Ah, but they are tough, still produce tiny beauties in the heat.

Ah, and what is this? A new flower species?

It comes to me that I am a gardener, true and real, after my own fashion and as imperfect as it may be. I plant and encourage growth, and take joy in all the blooms.

Enjoy your bit of blooms today.

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