Celebrating Little Town, Great Big Life–book giveaway

LITTLE TOWN, GREAT BIG LIFE is truly magnificent and a beautiful gift from Ms. Matlock to her faithful fans and new readers alike. ~Betty Cox, ReaderToReader.com

No. 8 in the beloved Valentine Series

Little Town, Great Big Life is the eighth and final book in my Valentine Series. As it turns out, it is published at a time when a part of my personal life comes to a close and another comes wide open. No doubt I am seeing with very sentimental vision, because of just having celebrated the life and passing of my dear mother-in-law. Such events in our lives—seemingly ordinary but uniquely personal to everyone–open our vision and help us to see ourselves and life with more clarity.

I thank each of you who have written encouraging notes, letting me know you like my stories. And special appreciation to each of the reviewers who have written so eloquently about Little Town, Great Big Life, as well the other books of the series. I am reminded of comments by two writers,  great teachers to me: mystery writer, Carolyn Hart, who said: “We are responsible for what we write,” and Brenda Ueland, writer from another century, who taught: “Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say…”

In celebration of Little Town, Great Big Life, and the entering of this new period in my life, I’m going to do a week of book giveaways. To kick things off, I’m giving away two books: an advance reading copy of Little Town, Great Big Life and a copy of Chin Up, Honey.

Each person who leaves a comment on this post now through Sunday, May 30th, will automatically be entered to win. Feel free to simply say, “I want the books!” Throughout the coming week, I will be giving away more books, so stop back in and join me in the celebration.

Have a safe, blessed Memorial Day weekend.

“Little Town, Great Big Life by Curtiss Ann Matlock is a fabulous read for all readers. Inspiring and up lifting it brings just a little bit of relief from this rat race world.” ~Manic Readers online

19 thoughts on “Celebrating Little Town, Great Big Life–book giveaway

  1. Dear Curtiss Ann,
    I would love to have some relief from this rat race that I have been living lately! I have tried over the years to keep up with you and your books and have read quite a few, but life seems to have a way of “getting in the way” of “me” time. Escaping to Valentine would be wonderful, I was sorry to read about the passing of your mother in law. Made me think of home. My thoughts and prayers are with and your family.


  2. Curtiss Ann I would love a copy of your books. I hope I win. It would be awesome to read your new book, as I am unwinding from my move. Keeping you in prayers as always. Blessings.


    • Dearest Sonja, how does one unwind from a move? We have not managed that yet :). Thank you for your precious prayers. I send them to you, too. Hugs, CA

      Sent from my iPhone; please excuse typos.


  3. I am sorry to learn of the death of your MIL, Curtis Ann. I lost mine when I was only 31….that was 31 years ago!!! I loved her like my own mom and I still think of her often.

    Your Valentine Series sounds great. . . I would love to win this giveaway!!!

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. L, dana


  4. Hi Curtiss Ann,
    I have just finished Little Town, Great Big Life…Loved It~
    Thanks so much for the Valentine series, I have enjoyed
    them so much and will live on in my heart. I have enjoyed your books and your blog. Happy Memorial Day! God Bless and I am so sorry about Big Mama. Prayers are with you.

    Love, Gina

    Time has a wonderful way of
    showing us what really matters.

    He has made everything
    beautiful in its time.

    Ecclesiastes 3:11


  5. Hi Curtiss Ann
    I didn’t know you had written another book! I thought I was keeping up with you but as always, two steps behind. I would love to have your new book. I think the Valentine Series are great. It as so good to see all of you. Tell Jimmy he sure looks like Uncle James and daddy and I also noticed he has their hands which I think is great. It maybe silly, but I notice things like that since dad has been gone trying to find bits of him in places. You all have a good and safe weekend and hope to see you soon.


  6. I’ll be reading Little Town, Great Big Life with mixed feelings. The time spent in Valentine has been so enjoyable, I’ll be anxious to see what’s going on there these days. It will be a sad time, too because I guess we’ll be saying goodbye to everyone there. For the life of me, I can’t imagine not visiting there again!
    Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Memorial Day, too!


  7. Hi Curtiss Ann, I REALLY WANT YOU NEW BOOK!!!

    I have read all of the Valentine series and am so looking forward to your new one. Your write the way I like to read a book, from the heart!
    I hope you have a nice Memeorial Day too, remember when they used to play the song “My Buddy” back when they called it Decoration Day?

    Sincerely, Marilyn Morse Boonville, Missouri


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