Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

At last I am in time for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. I am so excited!

The ligustrum is in full bloom! I still recall when we arrived at midnight one year ago on May 3, 2009. My husband and I got out of our vehicles after the long drive from Oklahoma into a sultry Alabama night, and were surrounded by a sweet, seductive scent that I recognized instantly.

This ligustrum is right outside the back of our house. It's branches provide home for bright red cardinals, male and female, and cooling shade for the porches.

I read on one website that ligustrum (another name is privet) is not favored much in Great Britain, in fact, one survey found that 32% of the people surveyed said they would not buy a home with ligustrums on the property. And I have them all around my back yard, giving me privacy and beauty. The really funny thing is that I did not know the trees were ligustrum when we bought; I can only tell them by the scent and when I see the blooms. To me they are evidence that this place was chosen especially for me.

My grandmother's rose bushes appear to enjoy their new home as much as we do.

Another mystery bush–

Can anyone tell me the name of this bush?

Check over at Carol’s May Dreams Gardens for more participants in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Blessings for all your blooms of every nature.


8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

  1. Have you had any response to your mystery plant? I one for several years and loved it. In 2009, our property was flooded and the plant died.
    A lady gave me a cutting of her bush and called it “flowering willow”. She said she ordered it from a company up north – we live in North Florida. She has since moved so I can’t get any more info from her.
    I have a degree in Landscape Design and had to learn hundreds of plants, but I have no idea what this one is. I have several other experienced gardeners with no luck.
    I don’t think it is in the willow family – wrong type of flowers. I would love to get an ID on it so I could get another one. It was one of my favorite plants and I miss it.


    • No ID on the bush. I really need to contact my extension agent, but that’s at the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. 🙂 The bush has quit blooming, but it is pretty. I will keep my eye out across the net. If I discover the name, I will let you know.



  2. I love ligustrum. I am so glad you are in a beautiful place. I once saw a long, trimmed ligustrum hedge with huge crepe myrtles coming up out of it about every twenty feet. I think it is too cold for ligustrum up here in Zone 6.


  3. I’m so glad you love your ligustrums. It was truly made for you my dear. Yes, your grandmother’s rose looks a lot like my Sophy’s Rose. I can tell you though that their growth habit is very different. Perhaps her rose is an ancestor of Sophy. Happy Bloom Day. I’ll have my post up in a bit.~~Dee


  4. I’ve never seen the privet as a tree, only a hedge! That is huge; I can’t imagine how strong the scent must be.
    Your grandmother’s rose is making itself at home; a sure sign that you are where you should be! Doesn’t seem like it’s been a year already, does it? Time has flown by!
    Let me think about that mystery plant. It looks familiar, but I’m not sure I know it. If the name comes to me, I’ll get back to ya! Sometimes in my sleep my brain works out all the answers and I awake knowing things that I went to sleep wondering about!


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