Outdoor Wednesday #38

Whoo-hoo! Outdoor Wednesday time. Here’s the view out my front door this foggy morning.100_1647

And from the upstairs dormer windows on a clear day.100_1558

Wonderfully cool on Tuesday morning. Opened my office window and looked down into the side garden. Ooops– I saw the waterfall pond had gone near dry! Pump was still chugging, and dear water lily gasping for breath. (Yes, only one water lily, just haven’t gotten to putting in more.)100_1650

6 AM, and in pajamas and flip-flops, with robe flying out behind me, I ran downstairs and out the door, dragged the hose over to start filling the pond. Folding up the sleeves of my robe, I bent over the rocks of the waterfall and began rearranging them, as is my compulsive nature. We have a problem with the pond leaking water. It does not leak if the pump is not running, so we believe the problem is in the waterfall but as yet have not been able to get the rocks in correct position.

Since I was there anyway, I dug out leaves and gunk and cleaned the pump filter. Suddenly the hose on the pump came off, and brown scummy water sprayed out of the pump and all over me. For some reason I had the idea that I could get the hose back onto the pump with the water spraying out. With my glasses covered in water, I realized the impossibility of this task. Throwing the pump on the bank, I hurried over rocks and through scratchy bushes to reach the box and jerk out the plug. Then it was hurrying out of the bug-infested jungle to the yard, all the while slipping and sliding on wet flip-flops.

I returned to the kitchen, stepped in and stood there, a wet hen.

Bigstreetrod said, “Why didn’t you just leave the pump in the water?”

“Well, I didn’t want it to suck water back in through the open hole.”

“It’s got water in there. That’s what it does. It pumps water.”

The light dawned.

Here’s a shot of our ponds in the side garden. Someday they will work correctly and have many plants. I want a garden pond, not fish. Can you imagine how I would have been with fish in the pond?


Thanks to our host, Susan, at A Southern Daydreamer. Pop over and enjoy other posts by Outdoor Wednesday participants.


13 thoughts on “Outdoor Wednesday #38

  1. Oh my gosh. I would KILL to have your view! GIRL!
    And I can just see you in your robe and pjs running through the yard, wet and yucky. How funny! And then the smart husband – very subtly suggesting the UNobvious to us . . . smarty! 🙂
    Cute post – I am so glad you shared!
    Don’t forget about Doors of Welcome on Oct. 15th!!!
    HAGD! Karen


  2. I’m sorry for laughing but the picture you were painting was too funny. I could see myself doing something like that too! Usually with an audience though. . .hope you get the leak fixed soon!


  3. You are so lucky to have that view! I would love to have a quiet spot in the countryside like that, Curtiss Ann! About the pond, when I had a small waterfall, it leaked constantly. Drove me crazy. Now I’m about to have Robert build me another one pretty soon. Hope he does it better than the other outfit did. I want the sound of more water to cover all the construction that’s been and being built all around me. Oh, how I wish I’d settled out in the open spaces as you did!


  4. You have a spectacular view from your office window. I had to laugh at the sight of you tending to your pond. At least you hadn’t had your morning shower and weren’t dressed yet.


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