Quick, Hand Me a Bounty

I need a Bounty paper towel-the quicker picker-upper, you know, for the bigger messes.

I started out blogging here on WordPress.com well over a year ago. Then stopped, then started again, and with new enthusiasm, decided that having my blog at my own URL was the way to go. I have forgotten now why I decided that. As things turned out, I used this site for practice in learning to operate the program. Maybe I thought no one was reading it. Surprise! Now I am beginning to get trackback, I think it is called— I am still so new to this blogging world— and things are getting messy. A dear friend called to tell me yesterday that she had read that day’s post on The Gluten Free Mom  and found a quote from my Curtiss Ann Matlock site. Wonderful… but which site?

It is time to clean up my mess. From now on, this blog is officially moved to: http://www.curtissannmatlock.com/

Come on over y’all!


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