Hello world, this is CurtissAnn!

Coming at you from the far reaches of Oklahoma, so far into the backwoods that we do not even have high-speed internet. The phone lines to our particular forty acres of paradise are well over twenty years old and far from the switching stations; even dialup is slow. When I moved here, we were the end of the phone line. We have in the past three months been hearing the promise of satellite internet connection and await it with extreme longing.

I’m a scribbler by nature and a writer by trade. Therefore blogging is quite seductive. We’ll give it a go and see what comes of it. Here I will talk a little about my novels, a little about the craft of writing, and why I find it so darn hard, tantalizing, and mesmerizing, and a whole lot about life, which I find the same. 

I leave you with a quote that speaks of my life:

One of the advantages to being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  — A. A. Milne.

Now I’m off to figure out how to work this WordPress medium. I have a sneaking suspicion it is not nearly as easy for some of us as put forth.