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Getting Going Again, Over and Over

Catherine Marshall wrote of writing: “I always found it harder to get started on a Monday morning. After a vacation longer than Friday to Monday, it would sometimes take me days to get underway again.”

I have found the same principle at work with anything I do–writing, house cleaning, driving, and even Facebook. Gives fresh meaning to that television commercial that states, “A body in motion stays in motion.” Same for mind, hands, intentions.

My friend Kathleen prodded me and said a most lovely phrase: “Think of us when you can.” Oh, I think of you all so very often, my friends and family all across the country, close as my breath. That is something I never drop. And thanks, Kathleen, for a great title for a book.

Fire in the fireplace–that’s another thing that I dropped and it took deliberate effort to begin having again, a fire in the fireplace– tea at hand, and soon the house will be hopping with two little ones. But for now I’ve enjoyed a few hours of reading, writing, and thinking, my favorite activities. Today I’ll be choosing deliberately things to keep doing. It is a fight to keep life from stealing all those things we love from us. You know, distractions and difficulties are going to come, you don’t have to choose them, but the good and fine and all you really want in your life you must deliberately choose to do and be.

Oh, and dear ones, my new roof is finally done! I’ll know how good it is when we get a hard rain. 

Enjoy your lives today, deliberately.

Being Present

Cold and crisp here in the deep South. In my office, and my hands are like icicles. I imagine how the men feel who are working this minute putting on my new roof. Please hold them in prayer.

I can hear the presence of the workmen above me. What a blessing that presence is, giving me the roof I need. They would likely be surprised to know of my warm sentiment. So would the clerks at the Dollar Store. I just love our Dollar Store. Sometimes I get hugs from the clerks, and always a smile and friendly hello. Those are priceless. I think most of us discount our presence. Sometimes a presence doesn’t have to say or do anything at all, just the being there makes a tremendous addition to another’s life. I’m not talking about a presence that sucks one dry, but a presence that gives off energy and life and makes you a better person just by being in their presence. And I realize that very often, deprived of that presence, I’ve succeeded in writing one for myself.

I think my presence to myself is the most important of all, and half the time the hardest to accomplish, with the tug of the world, with one part of my mind going one way and the other drawn another. So, just this minute, I’ll be present to myself and see what comes out for me to write.

“Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.” ~George MacDonald

Then let me trust myself and be delighted.

God bless…

Managing My Day

So I open my email this morning and find a book recommendation: Manage Your Day-toDay: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind.

That, dear ones, is the definition of heaven on earth. It’s a Shangri-La. Who would not want to buy the book? Goes to show the power of titling. I mean, I’ve already downloaded the sample to my Kindle for iPad. I really don’t believe book titles any more, but just in case…

Now, I’m off to manage my day as long as I can, before it starts managing me, which is inevitable, and actually feels a little like it already is. But I wrote first!

Oh, just to keep you caught up about my roof situation, the roofers are here! The weather has cleared and there are men swarming my roof like dirt daubers, tearing off the old and putting on the new. I may actually see the old portion where all the leaks have been replaced today!

God bless us all.


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