Me and My Travel Trailer, Episode 5

I thought for the few of you who followed my RVing adventures last fall, that I would post an update. I believe I have gone out camping now four times since I last posted. I’m losing count, and that’s a good thing. I am happy to report that I have made much progress in learning the skills needed for towing and using the little travel trailer.

In fact, last week, when I was hitching up the trailer for Grandson and I to go for a few days at a Florida state park, Grandson said, “You’re gettin’ a lot better at this, Nana.” Since the boy is not given much to praise, I was impressed, and so proud.

I have learned what to bring on a camping trip to make me comfortable. I have learned what equipment I like, as opposed to much that is recommended. For instance, I still have not figured out how to work the electronic tire monitoring contraption that many people (men) insist is a requirement. And I like blocks of real wood for supports, not plastic.

I have learned that while I like to see the fancy ‘glamping’ other women create–such beautiful and inviting decorating!–I don’t want the work involved. How funny to find I am a minimalist when camping.  I want to get where I’m going and get out on a hike. Another thing I’ve learned–I like to hike. Long walks where I figure out problems with the plot of my current WIP (work-in-progress) or simply soak up the quiet and beauty of nature.

I have learned I am more capable for many things than I have before imagined. Repeatedly I have to solve little glitches, and when I cannot, I have learned that I can ask for help. And campers are the most helpful people! Usually the instant I begin to back into a camping spot, a man will walk over and politely ask if I want help, to which I answer with my best Southern-girl smile, “I can use all the help I can get.”

I’m a lot better at backing up, too!

If there is something you want to do, get out and do it. Don’t worry about knowing everything; you will learn along the way. There is light for each step. If you find you don’t like doing whatever it is, you can always stop. But at least you will have found out.