Gleanings, Maisel, and a bit from Valentine

“Remember: you must hold your own good opinion of yourself…Second place, fifth place, a hundredth place, a millionth. Love yourself anyway and keep rebounding and resubmitting manuscripts.” ~ Eric Maisel

This in in line with the duty to make ourselves happy, and to do that again and again.

I read Steven Pressfield’s Writing Wednesdays post from last week. He put forth that the most important minutes of the day are at the end, when he makes a point to acknowledge the day’s efforts. If there is a mirror nearby, he looks into it and speaks the acknowledgement aloud. I had not thought of the mirror deal; usually I’m exhausted and rushing through a gratitude list of all the things I’ve been able to do that day. I think I shall employ the mirror idea, and the question: What did I really attempt today that made me happy?

It is the principal: focus on what you want, for what you focus on grows.

“Highly annoyed, Rainey thought that the driver obviously did not know the foremost rule of the road, which was that the biggest vehicle had the right of way. She would have moved over to make room for the little red car, but there was an eighteen-wheeler coming up on her left that would, she was fairly certain mow her down without compunction.” ~ Curtiss Ann Matlock, in Lost Highways

I recently decided to start with the first book of the Valentine series and read them all. I’m tickled to find that when I started with Lost Highways, I kept on reading and chuckling through first pages, loathe to let go when I had other things to do. I pass along to you my true belief: the largest vehicle has the right of way by the fact of unchangeable universe laws.

I just got off the phone with a dear person in my life. I read him Eric Maisel’s quote above. It is truth for everyone, not just writers. Go back and read it again.

Enjoy your very self today.