The Gardens in Springtime–Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Spring has come to South Alabama, and I plunge into a sort of gluttony, grasping far more than I can afford in time and energy to plant and transfer and tend, a lot of triage gardening, and the forced practice of balance. My method is to work outside until I cannot stand it anymore and have to take time to write and read, and when things get really out of control in the kitchen, I clean. I’ve actually picked up hens and put them in a few garden spots to weed for me. They do a great, if careless job. We’re having many a night of hotdogs and beans for supper. I would like to remember that spring does this to me, so I can prepare myself.

St. Joseph's Lily

St. Joseph’s Lily. My first, and it is grand. I’ve read it is hardy. We shall expect the best from it.


Ajuga is a magical plant. Do you believe it–I’ve read the description of the ajuga flower as being of no consequence. Not to me!


Louisiana Iris, had them several years, and this is the first they’ve bloomed, thanks to abundant rain this season. I have deep purple one’s too.


Homestead verbena. The fragrance is a delight, and the blooms lasting in a vase.


They come up like magic. These showed up between the ponds three years ago. I thought the sword leaves must be some sort of weed, but they were pretty. Then I began having these sprout in various places around the yard. I learned here on GBBD that they were heirloom gladiola plants. Each year the group has gotten larger between the ponds, and this year they are blooming like crazy, to my heart’s delight.


Stella D’oro daylily, troopers.

My abundant thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for beginning GBBD all those years ago. Visit her site to see more gardens from around the world!