Laid Back Friday

Crickets and cicadas giving a loud concert this morning, and it is back to a bit of sultry. Summer hanging in there, while fall is knocking at the door. The leaves on the old pecan tree hanging over the courtyard are tired and worn and dropping more rapidly. I wonder what that old tree has seen. It is funny how important it is to me, a symbol of survival–how many hurricanes and lightning and bugs?–and it provides wonderful shade for plants, porch, and me.

Well, it is Friday. My casual and laid back day where resting begins for the weekend. It occurs to me that just as I’ve formed the habit of my morning schedule, I can form the habit of a Friday schedule. A habit of a fun day, free from all worry. No worry, no planning, no struggle allowed today. Today I will cultivate the habit of going with the flow, listening to the Holy Spirit, and only doing what I really want to do. Which may be, in truth, a habit I’ve already acquired.

Little Dude has already come, and I had to take a break, shut my computer quickly before I posted, in order to go over spelling words. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get to have a free Friday, doing only what he feels is right for him. The world is pushing and prodding him. To everything there is a season.

God bless us all!