I Chose My Word for 2020–Did You?

Each year I choose a guiding word, and I know many of you do, too. This year I’ve chosen Humility. I came to this word after an exchange of words with someone. Exchange of words is a more pleasant description than argument, which was what it was. I look back over the year and recall one heated exchange of words on the telephone with a service person about the delivery of my washing machine. In this instance heated exchange of words is a more pleasant description than saying hissy fit.

I went to the big Grandaddy Webster’s dictionary, and the main definition it gives for humility is: freedom from pride and arrogance.

Freedom. Such a lovely word. Just think of it. My pride can flash in an instant and ignite arrogance, and arrogance leads to temper and temper is a wide and bumpy road leading only to regret. “The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God,”  we are told in James 1:20. I’m here to testify that in my case, it sure does not. Pride–meaning ego-pride, a common attribute of the human–is the opposite of humility. One cannot have both at the same time.

Now, allow me the good pride to say that I am grateful for how far I have come with even temper and humbleness. I’m grateful that age and the wisdom (hard won wisdom) that has come with the years has greatly tempered my temper. I’ve learned and mostly do practice humility. And this year I want to experience the high road of peace and strength and joy and love. Those priceless intangibles only come along with humility.

So, what is your word for the year? I and many who read here would be interested to know.

Happy New Year to each of you. Enjoy all that you can this year.