Miracle On I-40 on Sale at 99¢

Dear Reader Friends, I want to let you know that Miracle On I-40 has just gone on sale. If you need some escape from the world and headlines, put your feet up and enjoy some heartwarming fun.

At all major online bookstores.

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B&N Nook

Lacey Bryant, single mother living on a shoestring, wants to go  home to North Carolina for Christmas.

Cooper, cowboy trucker and modern day Scrooge, wants no part of traveling across country with two children. But he has a promise to a good friend to uphold.

“Once again, best-selling author Curtiss Ann Matlock brings us a cast of lovable characters in a magical love story as sweet and tender as a Christmas cookie. Open the pages for some holiday cheer!”


4 thoughts on “Miracle On I-40 on Sale at 99¢

  1. I own the book and have read it about 7 times already. You create interesting characters that the reader comes to care about. Actually, I bought every old paperback of yours that I could get my hands on because I love your writing so much. I have a Curtiss Ann Matlock shelf in my home and can’t stop myself from recommending your books to everyone I know—and I’m a librarian! The feedback I get is always great. I’m hoping the Valentine series gets put on Audio books. Any chance of that happening? Thank you for being such a wonderful writer.

    Louise Miller Zuckerman

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    • Thank you, Louise, for your high praise. You warm my heart, and make me grateful for being a writer. Miracle On I-40 is one of my favorites. I know it is smaltzy and a simple romance, but it is my humble opinion those traits are what makes it charming. The book is a good place to rest and return to, where one feels safe and happy and reminded that there is so much good in the world. And yes, I am beginning to work on getting my titles into audio books. Pray for me. 🙂


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