Just Pick Something to Work on

My job, like all artists, is to hang in there and keep working. ~ Julia Cameron

Life interrupt-ous happened. One project was finished and everyday life came with that big sucking vacuum of demands and emergencies, and off I flew in a million directions. Days went by and I did not work on any dedicated writing project. The more days I did not work on a project, the more I didn’t write at all, even in my journal. Left un-nurtured, the writer in me withered, and frustration grew.

The phrase dedicated writing project jumps out at me. I have a number of project ideas calling. But I avoid choosing. Waiting for solitary time, which is in short supply right now. What I need is to take the time. Waiting for a certainty of direction on which project. This is a seeking of perfection and certainty of success. Waiting for energy, always in short supply. With the work will come energy.

Just pick a project. Begin. Hang in there and work everyday. There is no guarantee of results, but there is absolute guarantee of satisfaction in soul with the work.

Today I choose a project. All I need do is open a file, jot notes on paper. Begin and keep on writing. The writing itself is the purpose, the nurturing of my life.



4 thoughts on “Just Pick Something to Work on

  1. So, so true. Thank you for this Focus such a problem lately; Many writing irons in the fire, but I can’t seem to get to the “baking stage, ” so as the Benedictans say, “Always, we begin again” and in go to my chair, pick up my journal, get out my blank sheet, look at my notes and begin once again.


  2. Words of inspiration, so greatly needed, and the timing is perfect. This morning while working for 4 hours out in the yard, my mind was on writing. For the first time in quite a while, I felt the urge to work with words. Not on one of the many stories filed in my computer, but in one of my two journals, or even on my blog. I have not thought about my blog in almost a year. Maybe that is the real key here. Almost a year!


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