Peaceful Rather Than Practical

Good Sunday morning! On the porch this morning with a thick robe tied tight, slippy-socks, and a quilt tucked around me. But it is oh, so beautiful! I stepped out to see the big ol’ moon shining through the gnarled pecan tree. How fast time slips past; was it just a month ago that I saw the moon like that? The tree has much less leaves now. I watched the moon disappear into a pale sky as dawn came.

It is amazing how refreshing it is to get away from the house and normal routine, even if it was no further than twenty miles of riding around town, spending the day looking at and trying on cars. So enjoyed it with son and grandson yesterday. We put our butts in every model that I’d researched and that had been recommended, too. Drove a number of them, been surprised, and have narrowed down my desire considerably. Nope, not telling. We’ll see which I end up getting.

The wonderful thing about this point in my life is having learned that what is right for me will come to me at the right time. I cannot be moved by the idea: “Better get it before it’s sold to someone else.” Nor by the idea that I have to settle for something less than is right and good for me, wrung out by the silly idea to ‘be practical.’ Practical is usually someone else’s idea of what is right.

The thing is to listen to guidance inside, and do so with patience. These produce peace, and there is nothing more valuable in this world than peace. If it is not peaceful, then it is not of God. Doesn’t mean no bumps in the road, or no effort, but that one goes through the effort with a good measure of peace. Feeling the peace is my guide.

Wishing you a peaceful day!

3 thoughts on “Peaceful Rather Than Practical

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights. It;s amazing how many times it touches a corresponding chord in me, and helps affirm God’s promptings.
    Stay blessed,


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