The Loves of Ruby Dee

A wonderful antidote to glitz romance. Ruby Dee is so sweet, so loving, so wise, that you know she’ll get it right in the end, and you stay with her all the way to make sure she does. ~Detroit Free Press, on The Loves of Ruby Dee.

From the Author’s Note in The Loves of Ruby Dee:
The stories I write spring from my strong beliefs: in the beauty and endurance of the land and of those who work the land, in horses and pickup trucks and in boots and blue jeans, and in the hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day. I like to mix in a little mischief–maybe a lot of mischief–and add a touch of country blues, such as found in the songs of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, John Berry, Don Williams, and Patty Loveless (my favorite singers), to name a few. If you like all those things, you might enjoy this book. If you don’t enjoy this book, find one you can. A good book lets us escape our lives, and gives us heart to live them, too.

I wrote that introduction in 1996, when The Loves of Ruby Dee was first published. I smile at reading it now. Little has changed in my attitude and the things I find valuable in life on earth.


5 thoughts on “The Loves of Ruby Dee

  1. Heart to live… Good books, the ones that portray life in a manner that strikes a chord, are often written by individuals who live from the heart.


  2. 1996…. has it really been that long since my Mother gave this book to me as a gift? It just doesn’t seem possible. My Mother was the one who first introduced me to the writer, “Curtiss Ann Matlock.” She bought every one of your books and made sure that I knew as soon as a new one was available. She would be so thrilled if she knew the friendship you and I have nurtured over the past few years, and how you have inspired and encouraged my own writing endeavor. I guess this just proves that even with all of the sadness and turmoil of Alzheimer’s disease, there is joy when you least expect it and above all else – God does work in mysterious ways! Thank you for being my friend and bringing me special memories of a Mother’s love.
    Have a Blessed Day My Dear Friend!


    • Carolyn, our relationship is truly something to remind me that God is there. Thank you for sharing this bit of history with me. I’m flabbergasted, and inspired myself. My, my how people we don’t even know can impact our lives. Let us all remember this–when we feel insignificant, the truth is that we are all blessings to others in ways we may never know.

      Love, my friend. And to your mother, too. CurtissAnn


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