brooder cage

8 thoughts on “brooder cage

  1. I’m no builder but I can follow directions, that said, do you have plans for this? I’d love to make one for my twin daughters to experience the love of chickens but need a little how to. Thanks!


    • Teresa— I believe you can build this cage. It won’t have to be exactly like it. I could give you plans, unfortunately the cage was built by my dear builder husband, who has since died. I will instead take a group of close-up photos. Hopefully with those to view, you can design your own cage. It really is such a helpful cage.

      Warmly, CurtissAnn

      Curtiss Ann Matlock

      Website/blog Love in a Small Town Mary in Color



  2. This is the most beautiful brooder I’ve seen yet! It is actually the example I used to show my husband what I wanted for a brooder! Do you have the measurements for this (ie: length,width height)? It just looks so perfect.


    • Tiffany— I’m glad you like the brooder cage. I sure do still! I can’t seem to remember to measure it to tell you exactly, but size is really your choice. The one we based this one on was much bigger than ours. I’m glad my husband didn’t make this one any bigger because I can no longer lift it easy. It is about 18 inches by 36inches long, by 12 inches high. There is no bottom. That is the beauty of it. I sit it on a tarp, put down bedding how I want. When it is time to clean, I take the chicks and put them in a box, lift up the cage, fold the tarp inward to hold the bedding, take it outside to dump in the compost pile. I also take the cage and set it outside— going to do that today— so the biddies can peck around on the ground. And I’d best get at it. God bless you on your venture. CurtissAnn



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