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Once Upon A Christmas

My new Christmas romance has just released in Kindle!

I’m a little surprised, which is odd, since I’ve been working on the book process for two months. These months are bleary at best, in the new life of a widow. I have to say, I don’t have quite the gumption of Olivia Pritchett, the heroine of Once Upon A Christmas and a widow, too. I’ve little doubt that is one reason I love her so–I created her with attributes I would wish to have myself. I’ve little doubt that is a large part of why any of us read fiction. In fiction we can be and do things far beyond ourselves. I think fiction is inspiring in that way. Well, at least fiction that reflects the highest we have in any of us.

Once Upon A Christmas is just fun and sweet and a good way to rest yourself from pressures of the season. I was thrilled to enjoy reading it after years of being forgotten. First published in the 1993 Harlequin Historical Christmas anthology, copies are long gone. I’m delighted to have it offered again in ebook. Get yourself a cup of Christmas tea and give it a read.

God bless us everyone!


Once Upon A Christmas, by Curtiss Ann Matlock
Upon arriving on the rough Texas Frontier, with her two sons and a trunk full of dreams for a new life, Olivia Pritchett discovers the man she was to marry has died. The prospect of the long trip back from where she came, to make her boys spend Christmas traveling, is too painful to face. With all her strength, she prevails upon her fiancé’s partner to allow her and her boys to see the place where they had pinned all their hopes, and to be able to spend at least Christmas at the ranch that was to be her home.

Monroe Locket wants no part of a widow-woman mail-order bride, nor her snot-nosed boys. He can’t manage to deny her, however, and nothing he does seems to daunt her. Olivia is one determined woman, who makes biscuits better than any two angels trying hard in heaven, and who manages to bring Christmas right along with her.

It is Good to Say It is Good

Dear hearts, I’ve had a lovely couple of hours already. Too chilly for me on the porch, but my comfy stuffed chair did fine, tea and reading. This morning time is lifeblood to me.

PressingOnI’ve begun a Kay Arthur Bible study of Genesis 1 & 2. (Every Wednesday up at Knollwood Church, come join us!) Kay’s method is to study and mark the text with all these different colored pencils. I’ve tried that in the past, and the changing makes me crazy. As one of my friends says, “I’m too ADD for that.” But I did this morning do well with my blue ink pen and making different shaped markings. It is fascinating what one learns by close examining. I highly recommend this method for improving writing skills. I once took a novel writing class in which we studying best sellers, asking the questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

In the first paragraphs of the Bible, I see how positive God is. For instance, He didn’t create something and say, “Well, dang, that’s not good enough,” and smash it, as I so often do in my writing, or drawing or a myriad of things. God kept saying with everything He created: “It was good.”

Now, of course I’m not God and everything I write or make isn’t so good, but I do believe I could benefit from a lot more: “It is good,” and giving things time to develop. Maybe that’s all God was doing–giving the opportunity to grow.

Oops, where does the time go? God might have made more time. :)

Kindle Sale! If Wishes Were Horses – $1.99

Rave reviews at Amazon.

Rave reviews at Amazon.

If Wishes Were Horses is on sale– $1.99 through tomorrow.

With comic invention and warm tenderness, Matlock brings a time and place to life: 1950s Oklahoma, when men were men and women knew how to either put up with them, or get around them, and all the while hold on with strong hearts. It was a time not too far distant when bush-track horse racing and state prohibition caused huge sums of money change hands. In this setting a widow and a cowboy discover hope and new beginnings, and the tender promise of real love.

“I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them, but there is something magical about this story of second chances, and the power of a woman’s heart.” ~Ionia Martin, reviewer.

I am struck by the fact that I wrote this story many years ago, long before becoming a widow myself. In re-reading it, I see I captured well the grief journey. We grieve over many losses, but always there is joy and promise that shines through.


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